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Hedge Oracle Fund’s systems generate a 26% each year, on average. The hedge fund performance is possible due to its in-house systems carefully designed and tested by its team of financial experts. The systems utilize a multi-asset, multi-strategy approach based on global macro investing and long-short strategies, primarily.

Oracle Fund’s business model encompasses a broad selection of investment methods and investment strategies. While the core structures function autonomously of one another, they all benefit from Oracle Fund’s strong setup, financial resources and integrated backing functions. This allows the hedge fund group to focus exclusively on portfolio management and research.

The Oracle Fund offers the following advantages for Hedge Fund Managment:

  • Performance-driven investment systems that offer a selection of investment strategies based on the careful analysis and deconstruction of the historical record of legendary investors.
  • Systematic financial and economic research which derives in a robust investing system independent of financial market conditions.
  • Talented investment managers unconstrained by the limitations of a corporate view.
  • A collaborative culture which fosters innovation in quantitative and qualitative methods through cross-pollination processes.

Wharton GC is an investment management firm which operates the Oracle Fund and is focused on delivering alpha through liquid strategies. Wharton GC has established itself at the forefront of the field, backed by extensive research capabilities and results.


Investment Strategy

The macro hedge fund strategies are based on the careful analysis and deconstruction of the strategies of legendary investors. Strategies are systematized and tested to ensure they are robust to varying market conditions. Some of the investors analyzed include the legendary value, global macro, and technical investors.

Jesse Livermore, W. Buffet, G. Soros, J. Rogers, and E. Seykota. Global macro fund is based on the work of G. Soros, who describes in detail the global financial system, the core differences between the core and the periphery, the interrelation between fiscal policy, monetary policy, equities, commodities, fixed-income, and currencies as a basic framework. Global macro is complemented with the study of catalysts unique to emerging markets, frontier markets, and commodities based on the factors on the historical record of J. Rogers.

Technical analysis relies on the study of price and volume as designed primarily by Jesse Livermore and subsequently enriched. His timeless insights work as well today as they did during his time. Variables considered include changes in price and volume, changes in their velocity and acceleration, among other technical considerations.

Fundamental analysis is derived from the work of Warren Buffet. His body of work has been analyzed to extract his investment strategies for companies in different sectors of the economy. Finally, the trading algorithms that implement our strategy are based on Ed Seykota, whose trading genius encompasses programming and trader psychology.

At the Oracle Fund we believe using global macro, fundamental & technical information jointly in the right way produces significantly better results than dogmatically following one school of thought. By being open we are able to utilize more relevant information than the competition so that the investments we make have more favorable prospects.

The strategy is straightforward. In order to improve our returns we follow variables from three main schools of thought. We invest when variables from all three approached coincide and signal investing. This greatly enhanced the prospects of success and improves the annual return for our partners. In order to find sufficient opportunities to invest in which all three areas coincide we monitor a large amount of securities (several thousand). The threshold to invest is an expected return of at least 15%; otherwise, we remain in cash.

At the Oracle Fund you can rest assured of the competency and dedication of our hedge fund managers. It would be one of the top hedge funds in the hedge fund rankings. They have worked extensively in deriving the systems of the fund. Currently, do you know who is managing your money?

We invite you to get to know how we can help you achieve and maintain your financial goals.


Subscribe to the Hedge Fund

Start a Hedge Fund,  the minimum subscription for is $50,000 USD. There are Class A and B shares. A shares have a management fee of 1%. A shares have a hurdle rate of 6% meaning that we only charge incentive fees if we produce excess returns (6% being the historical level of annual stock returns). They have an incentive fee of one-fifth of gains. They have no lock-up period.

B shares have NO management fee, so we don’t win by becoming bigger, but by becoming better. B shares have an incentive fee of one-quarter of gains. They have a lock-up period of one-year. The macro hedge fund is open to individuals, partnerships, corporations, LLCs, trusts, foundations, endowments, employee benefit plan, Keough plan, and individual retirement plans.


*For a list of hedge funds and global macro hedge funds available please check the fund documents.

Thank you for choosing the Oracle Fund

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